Our cakes are made from only the freshest ingredients and are home-baked the traditional way, to create a deliciously tasty cake. We know you will be able to taste the freshness in all of our cakes.

Cakes are available in the following flavours:


Good old fashioned chocolate mud cake - thick, dark and rich.

White Mud

Creamy white chocolate inside a rich vanilla cake


Toffee flavoured mud cake, especially for those with a sweet tooth


A bit of both, a favourite for weddings, a perfect match with the bitterness of the chocolate complimenting the sweetness of the white.


Just like the name says it tastes like a jaffa. A thick chocolate mud cake with a burst of orange that will tantalize those taste buds.

Strawberries and Cream

White mud cake with strawberry flavoured swirls - perfect dessert cake.


A deliciously refreshing lemon flavoured mud cake without the tang - great for after dinner.


Creamy vanilla, with a balanced swirl of raspberry flavouring

Traditional Fruit cake

Homemade recipe - does contain alcohol.